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Channel 24 journalists injured in the Russian attack on Lviv, their apartment destroyed

06.07.2023, 18:01
Photo: Channel 24
Photo: Channel 24

Channel 24 journalists Oles Drukach and Nazar Lazur were slightly injured in the Russian missile strike on Lviv. They were in an apartment located in a building that was hit by a Russian missile. Their apartment was destroyed, but their lives were saved by a door jamb, reports the TV channel.

Oles Drukach is an editor at Channel 24, and Nazar Lazur is a journalist for the website's news feed.

Nazar usually works night shifts, but on the night of July 6, both journalists were having a day off. At the moment of the explosion, a balcony fell onto the table Nazar was working at.

According to Lazur, he heard the first explosion around 2:30 a.m., the second one coming shortly after. The second impact blew out the balcony and the windows in the house and overturned the entire kitchen. The missile destroyed the third and fourth floors of the nearby entrance.

"At one point, the windows in the entire house fly out. Miraculously, we managed to jump out and hide behind a door jamb in our apartment – it saved us... Oles leaped out and shoved me into that jamb like a hero. Somehow we managed to survive," said Nazar Lazur.

Oles Drukach said that he immediately came to his senses and tried to focus on making up a plan on what to do next.

"It's interesting that I was feeling absolutely nothing. For me, all emotions stepped aside completely. I was thinking about what needed to be done: protecting myself, Nazar, finding the cat, taking the laptop, the documents... I was thinking about how we would clean everything up. That is, the practical stuff. It helped me not to think about emotions. However, emotions still found their way out when my eyes saw the destroyed human lives represented by shattered cars, buildings, traces of blood on the street under the entrance: 'I literally just saw a blood-stained shirt in an apartment,'" said Oles.

As IMI reported, on the night of July 6, mother and sister of Volodymyr Sadovyi, the journalist for the local media outlet "Varta 1", were killed by the missile strike on Lviv. The missile hit the building where they lived.

"Glavkom" political columnist, Pavlo Vuyets, and his family survived the shelling attack on Lviv: they managed to take shelter moments before the missile hit their house. However, their apartment and car were destroyed.

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